In a recent study, Resveratrol (a supplement derived from red grape skins), has been shown to improve glucose levels, insulin control, and blood pressure in people with type 2 diabetes.  This was a human randomized, double blind, placebo controlled study, the gold standard in medical research.

It has been known for years that Resveratrol can have dramatic benefits for many chronic diseases and mimics Calorie Restriction, one of the few proven ways to extend life in many species. However, it has been assumed by many that Resveratrol cannot be absorbed easily enough in humans to make much of a difference.

This study clearly shows that it can.

At Bradenton East Integrative Medicine, we use Resveratrol in many of our treatment plans, especially to help optimize sugar and insulin problems.  Our product of choice is “Resveratin Plus” by Xymogen.


What most people don’t know about Resveratrol is that it can help your body’s stem cells survive and thrive, and may result in quicker repairs of damaged areas in your body.  Resveratrol is a critical ingredient in the Regenexx Advanced Stem Cell Formula, a powerful supplement we use for patients who are undergoing regenerative injection procedures for arthritis and other musculoskeletal problems.

But you don’t need to be going through a Regenexx procedure for your joints and tendons to benefit from this formula!

Ask us today how Resveratrol can help you!