Making the Most of Your Visit

For our new patients:

Please look through our website to get an idea of our philosophy and services. On your first visit, please bring your medical records from the past 12 months. Fill out our Records Release form and we will get them for you.  Our Privacy Policy can be downloaded by clicking here.

When seeing our providers for the first time you will need to fill these forms out and bring them with you at the time of your visit.

There are a number of things you can do to make the most of every clinic visit:

  1. Please bring your insurance cards and contact information for additional physicians you have seen. To keep your information current, please bring your medication formulary and participating provider lists from your insurance company. It is best to refill your prescriptions at the time of your visit. To facilitate this, please bring all of your current medicines and supplements or print, then fill out the new patient forms.
  2. Please arrive on time, even 10 to 15 minutes early if you can, for your scheduled appointment. We work quickly and efficiently to get to your needs as soon as possible. There may be occasions where we address another patient’s emergency and this could delay your appointment. You will find in our newly redecorated waiting room a wealth of materials that represent our mission. Hopefully some of these resources will enrich your upcoming visit with your physician.
  3. When scheduling your appointment, please be as specific as possible with the reason for the appointment so that we may schedule the appropriate amount of time for you.  If you have multiple concerns, please list them so that you are not scheduled for a 15 minute appointment when you would like a longer visit. If it is something you would prefer not to discuss over the phone, then tell the receptionist that you have ‘another concern you are not comfortable stating’ so that they can still schedule the appropriate amount of time.
  4. Prioritize your needs. A list of questions may help you make all of your concerns clear, and help you get the most from your visit with us.
  5. Invite a close family member to the visit.

Regarding Insurances and Payment

The Practitioners at Bradenton East Integrative Medicine accept most major insurances.

Regarding Missed Appointments & Same Day Cancellations

  • Missed appointment fee for new patients $100.00. This includes same day cancellations.
  • Missed appointment fee for current patients $50.00 This includes same day cancellations