One to One Processing is a gentle, non-manipulative process which uses presence and sometimes light touch on energy points to facilitate reconnection with our inner life and the source of that life.

As humans, we have the capacity to experience life through 5 domains:

  • Physical — sensations, i.e. heat, cold, pain, pleasure, constriction, movement, tingling, etc.
  • Emotional — feelings, i.e. happiness, sadness, anger, grief, joy, fear, etc.
  • Mental — thoughts, images, memories
  • Moral — our connection to and relationship with our self, family, friends, and all that is
  • Spiritual — grace, boundlessness, light, true vision, qualities of love, peace, strength, courage, majesty, compassion, harmony, beauty, etc.
One to One Processing BradentonBy being present to the 5 domains of our human experience, space is created within our being.

Space supports us in allowing our being to release old energies, sensations, thoughts, habits, emotions, ways of relating to our self and others, and blocks in our relationships to life, which may be limiting our fullest experience of health and vitality.

Presence, space, and allowing ‘what is’ to be, without judgment, can free our energies to develop new, more vital life filled patterns. The result can be a sense of greater freedom, ease, flow, confidence, naturalness, truth, joy and humor about ourselves and life.

This work is beneficial for anyone —

  • Experiencing stress from a life or health transition
  • Finding it difficult to make positive self care changes
  • Seeking to experience their true, natural self more fully
  • Experiencing emotional difficulties such as grief, fear, anger or depression
  • Feeling their mind is not working as well as it could due to repetitive thoughts, worries, or low self-esteem
  • Experiencing disconnection, alienation, or isolation from others

Also One to One Processing is available to anyone who would like to stop smoking or any other addictive substance/habit including foods, alcohol, over exercising, shopping, etc.

Whenever we take away the substance/habit we have learned to use to manage stress, life, feelings, etc we may find that we experience intense feelings of uncertainty, fear, anxiety, irritability, anger, physical pain and discomfort, mood swings, feeling unable to cope or not feeling up to the demands of life and work.

One to One processing is a great tool for allowing these feelings, and physical experiences/sensations/feelings to process and leave the body, and mind, and to discover hidden resources, strengths and qualities of being which can emerge to fill the seeming vacuum left by removing the substance.

See Maureen O’Reilly’s Bio for more information about her.