A full line of pharmaceutical grade, GMP compliant, nutritional supplements made from the purest raw materials that are clinically-proven to be well absorbed, safe and effective.

Good nutrition is a basis for wellness, and good nutrition usually translates into a stronger immune system and better health. An important aspect of good nutrition is micronutrition (vitamins and minerals). Micronutrients participate in converting food to energy; building and repairing tissues and DNA; manufacturing neurotransmitters, hormones, and other modulators in the body; breaking down and detoxifying xenobiotics and medications; and maintaining growth, reproduction, and health. According to research by the USDA and other organizations, the American diet is lacking micronutrients. In fact, nine out of 10 Americans are missing key micronutrients. Mass food production, storage techniques, poor food choices, and nutrient-depleting preparation methods may contribute to inadequacies. The bottom line is that children and adults are not consuming enough nutrient-rich foods to meet all their most basic vitamin and mineral needs. What’s more, some scientists feel that the recommended intakes (e.g., %DV, DRIs, EARs, RDAs) may not meet the requirements of all individuals, especially the chronically ill.


Active B NutrientsB Complex with Benfotiamine and Quatrefolic®
Adrenal RestoreAdaptogenic Herbal & Vitamin Supplement
BioCurcuminCurcumin with Enhanced Bioavailability*
CardioMethylOptimal Methylation Support Formula*
C-MaxAdvanced Vitamin C Formula
CollagenMaxAdvanced Collagen Generator®
CoQ ProtectProprietary Crystal-Free CoQ10
Daily BioticComprehensive Support for Gut Ecology*
Daily NutrientsHypoallergenic Multivitamin/Mineral Formula for Wellness Support*
Digest-XymesAcid-Resistant, Non-Animal Derived Digestive Enzymes
Estrogen ProtectEstrogen Metabolism and Detoxification Support Formula*
Glu Chol ProtectBerberine and ALA Complex
GlutAloe SootheEnhanced Gastrointestinal Support
Immuno GI BarrierImmunoglobulin Concentrate From Colostral Whey Peptides
Immuno GI-DFHyperimmune Egg
Joint XLJoint Support for Overweight Patients*
MelaSleepBiphasic Controlled-Release Melatonin Formula
Meno-P SupportAyurvedic herbal support for menopausal women
Mind SootheNeurotransmitter & Hormone Support*, Promotes Stress Resiliency*
Neuro MagPatented Magnesium for the Brain*
Omega 900Alaskan IFOS Five-Star Certified Enteric-Coated Fish Oil
Thyroid SupportThyroid Support Formula*
Viral ImmunityTraditional Herbal Immune Support*
Vit D3Convenient Form of Bioidentical Vitamin D
VitD-LQVitamin D Liquid (cholecalciferol) 1000 IU drops

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